We will be back again (day 7)

Day 7: (Dhakuri to Loharkhet to Saung )
We start early to be able to get a good glimpse of the snow capped peaks from Dhakuri pass on the way to Loharkhet. Sadly the mountains are under cloud by the time we reach there. The road to Loharkhet has many butterflies species, it‘s a great opportunity to take some lovely photographs, but I am too tired to take the DSLR out and put on the macro lens, so I manage to shoot whatever I can with the camcorder. Route to Loharkhet was mostly downhill but we take some 3.5 hours to cover. At Loharkhet we load all the stuff that we had left behind. With a few more kg. added to the rucksack, we bid farewell to the hills, with a promise that we will be back someday.
We climb down 3km to Saung and spent the rest of the day traveling back to Almora. While Rajeev has to rush back to Delhi, I decide to spend a couple of days at Almora and take it easy. Just digest the whole lot of things that happened in the past couple of days.

Now that I am back to the drudgery of city life, when I recall the whole trek, I have a mixed feeling. It was a great way to challenge ones physical and more importantly mental abilities beyond the usual. It was a great escape into the hills, a kind of meditation in itself. All I dream now, is to be able to go back, after all when the Himalayas beckon, no one can resist.

If you plan a trek to Pindhari I would recommend
- you to keep aside at least 8 days at hand. This would give enough time to relish the scenic views that the mountains have to offer.
- To complete the trek in a relaxed pace, it is advisable to cover not more than 8Km in a day. One can truly enjoy the entire journey and not just the destination. There is a lot to discover if you walk slowly.
- In terms of preparation, all you would need is a good pair of shoes, an ice-axe and some will power.
- If you go along with family/kids you will find a lot of porters cum guide who carry your luggage, making it a comfortable trip.
- If you can’t get the equipment viz. sleeping bag, tents etc., you can always rent it from the Bageshwar KRC. back to first page


Sunit said...

Hey.... firstly congratulations on your accomplishment and a well written piece of experience.. Its not only inviting but motivating.

Hope to walk the path u tread someday..

vagabond said...

Hi Sunit,

thanks for stopping by.
Go for the first opportunity to head towards the mountains, you will never regret it.
If you are not very adventurous to go on your own, or if you can't find the right partners, check out http://www.yhaindia.org They have plenty of programs every year.