Along river Pindhari (day 6)

Day 6: (Dwali to Khati to Dhakuri )
We start early from Dwali coz we plan to cover distance from Dwali to Khati and then to Dhakuri. It’s going to be a tough day, since Dwali to Khati was mostly uphill and again Khati to Dhakuri an even steeper climb. On the way to Khati we stop alongside a river and cook up Maggie noodles. Rajeev had a slip and he instinctively landed on his right hand where his wrist got hurt. It doesn’t look anything to be concerned about. Reaching Khati, we have some cucumber and it is such a welcome break from the routine diet of potatoes and eggs. The forest is as lonely as it was when we walked this road a couple of days ago, but this time appears more tranquil than lonely. If you walk this way through the woods, within few days, there’s a kind of friendliness that you develope with the forest.

Reaching Dhakuri is a pleasant feeling. To top it all, there is a phone that runs on battery where we can call up home. It is really dark by the time I have my bath, but the skies turn really dramatic and I couldn’t miss this moment. I grab my camera and shoot some 20 frames. I have to shoot handheld at high ISO and very low shutter speeds, I miss my tripod. next page >>

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