Pindhari Glacier trek

A dream come true

I am about to board flight and JP tells me that he just missed his flight to Delhi. JP was the only person with high altitude trekking experience, moreover he had planned out the entire trek and he just missed his flight. I always knew it would be an exciting trip, but come on, this was just the beginning.

I’m just back from a trek to Pindhari glacier, this trek offers a good introduction to trekking in the Himalayas. It’s a 90Km long trek, we covered it in 4.5 days, walking 17Km average for 10-11 hours each day. It has been a journey of a lifetime to say the least. I’ve been fortunate to have experienced such an exciting trip and here’s an effort to share the experience and its moments.

It all started when I decided to get into trekking again, after a long gap. I stumbled upon a yahoogroup (himalaya_trekkers), an amazing group of folks who share a passion for trekking in the Himalayas. I have done some trekking in the Sahyadri’s (Maharashtra) in the past but a trek to the Himalayas sounded a little too ambitious.

One morning, I write to JP asking if there is still room to accommodate me on the trek to Pindhari, he replies with a yes. Next moment, I apply for leave and by evening I have booked the flight tickets. Later that evening I come to know that its just me and JP who would be on the trek. Later on, another guy Rajeev, from Delhi and also a forum member, agreed to join us. Both for me and Rajeev, this is a first high altitude trek, but none of us were much worried, since JP is a well experienced guy to take care of the technicalities. All we have to do is just keep up with him. next page >>

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