Exciting start (day 1)

Day 1: 27th April 2007 (Hyderabad – Delhi – Haldwani)
JP assures me that he will try for the next flight and reach Delhi. Sadly, when I reached Delhi, I find out that all flights to Delhi are booked and JP will have to drop off. Next I call up Rajeev and he tells me that since JP has dropped off, he wouldn’t be joining the trek as well. Not very encouraging news, all I tell Rajeev was to hold on to his decision until we meet in person.
Meanwhile, I am making up my mind to carry on alone (maybe with a guide), just incase Rajeev chose not to join. Surprisingly, when I met Rajeev, he sounded more positive about the idea and finally he decides to come along, (hush! what a relief). We rush to Delhi station using all possible means of transport, first a bike then cycle rickshaw, metro and finally a sprint from Chandni Chowk. Even after reaching the station half an hour late we managed to catch the Ranikhet Express (happens with me quite often, trains tend to wait for me till I show up ). next page >>

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